Gary Kapner and Jimmy Vardas
New Providence Business & Professional
Association Promotes New Providence
Businesses While Helping the Community

By Michael M. Shapiro

The New Providence Business and
Professional Association was established to
provide community leadership in the promotion
of economic development in New Providence.
Since its inception, its leaders have worked to
promote local businesses in New Providence while helping the community at the same time.

The goals of this organization are to promote the New Providence business community, serve as a vehicle to respond to community needs, enhance awareness of New Providence businesses, and streamline communications among and between businesses and the community. Gary Kapner, President of the New Providence Business & Professional Association, and owner of Creative Wallcoverings in New Providence, told The Alternative Press, "we build our businesses in town by giving back to the community and raising community awareness." He said the Association sponsors events, including the Street Fair, "to better New Providence" since "it’s all about community." He added that "good will pays off" and "if you can promote businesses and serve the community at the same time, everybody wins."

Jimmy Vardas, a board member of the Association and owner of the Prestige Diner, said that "people do appreciate what we do for New Providence." For example, the Prestige Diner sponsored the Kids Zone at the recent Street Fair. Mr. Vardas told The Alternative Press that many grateful residents personally thanked him at his diner for doing so. He added that the Association creates a "win-win situation for businesses, the town and the residents of New Providence."

Mr. Kapner said that the Association provides to businesses who join it the ability to share information, discuss mutual concerns and issues, and network with other business owners. Mr. Vardas added that by sponsoring community events and doing other community work, the Association allows members to "feel good to give back to the community."

The New Providence Business and Professional Association welcomes new members. For more information, please check out the Association’s website,

Photo above: Gary Kapner and Jimmy Vardis, Board members of the New Providence Business and Professional Association. Mr. Kapner also serves as President of the Association. Michael Shapiro to by Kerry Law