New Providence Planning Board Praises
William Hoefling

Prestige Diner and Discusses Snorkel Box
at New Providence Post Office

By Vivek Singh, The Alternative Press

The New Providence Planning Board met on
Tuesday, April 7, 2009, to address the public’s
concerns.  The Board received a letter of thanks
from the owners of the Prestige Diner on
Springfield Avenue and was proud to announce
that the Board had worked hard on that project.  The Board said that they were glad to see that the reconstruction project had turned out so successfully.

The Board also received a letter sent by a resident of New Providence regarding a snorkel box at the local post office. "A local resident of the town has written a letter to us asking for a drive up mailbox to be added to the post office to accommodate the sick, elderly and handicapped. I am in support of this idea, but unfortunately the post office has not [installed] an accessible mail box despite our repetitive requests," stated vice chairman William Hoefling. Photo above: Vice Chairman William Hoefling poses for The Alternative Press after the meeting.

Photo by Vivek Singh